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Artwork is drawn, designed and created by myself Anthony Annable


Size dimensions11.69 x 16.53 inches (A3)


Only 50 of this print will be produced.

Each individual print is numbered from 1 - 50  which will be shown on the print and certificate given.


Once this edition is completely sold out, no more will be developed.

Supplied with a certificate of authenticity, includes my hand written signature, date and print number, remain this document with print.


Material - Print on a matt archival paper and high quality archival pigment inks


Handling instructions for limited edition prints

- Unpackage and handle with great care

- Avoid any finger prints, sweat, moisture to come in contact.

- Keep out of direct sunlight, humidity and high temperature

- Highly recommended to get print professionally framed



Glacier Brook Trout - Limited Print (1/50)