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Hello! My name is Anthony Annable and I am 26 years of age.

- Based in United Kingdom

- Professional artist 


- Drawing 18 years +

- Wildlife, Fish enthusiast 

- Digital art is my most preferred option

Majority of my art consists of freshwater & marine fish, targeting all native species from around the globe. 



Drawing portraiture and human faces for a great period of time enabled me to grow as an artist, having the confidence to draw very high detailed subjects.

I slowly moved away from portraiture as I found drawing wildlife and fish much more exhilarating. Since from a young age I myself being an angler and outdoor enthusiast, had much more of a connection with the artwork I was creating as of before.

I pride myself on delivering quality artwork, with years of practice I have picked up many different techniques.


I use the best equipment on the market, this includes my Wacom 24 & 32 Cintiq pro with also my Ipad pro depending on the work involved.


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