Logos & Illustrations -

Custom Work



For any custom work carried out, I will give you a quote based on the time/labor it will take to complete.

$25.00 USD PER/HR


I accept Paypal only, this is the best and most efficient/secure method online

Payments in full are required


Please ensure before any work is carried out, you like the style of artwork I produce. Please also try and be as clear/specific as possible with your requests, ensure you highlight all your ideas before the commission has commenced.



I retain the copyright of the artwork I create for you unless stated. If your intention is to use the commissioned artwork for commercial profit, please state this at the start of an order


Logos - Usable for brand representation/identity only - Profits to be directly made from the logo itself, must be declared when starting an order, for example, selling on clothing, apparel, stickers, etc.

Copyright - Please query if you would like to own the copyright.


If you would like to sell and reproduce the artwork for yourself. You can apply for this, at which point a license agreement must be signed by both parties, this enabling the artwork to be used commercially, leasing it for a set period of which payments will be deducted from you, monthly or quarterly.



If I see you to be a reputable company I will offer you this option, of which a percentage fee will be deducted from x amount of items/artwork you sell over the granted period.

If you're a new starter business, with not much reputation or portfolio behind you. I will charge you a full fee for the quarterly period. When the license has expired, if you choose to keep selling you must renew.

I reserve the right to cancel/terminate any contract without advanced notice. If the artwork is being used improperly or not in accordance with what was originally agreed to, I also reserve the right to terminate. 


I can create for you, fish, or outdoor-related artwork based on an idea you have in mind.

Any references you can supply me is preferred. PNG File + PSD File will be emailed when work is complete


Feel free to contact me via my email, or via my Instagram messenger 


Slight tweaks/adjustments accepted before colour is applied. Only use if needed. If there is a major change or alteration, you will be charged for further labour.

(Sketch Phase) Tweaks allowed, stay within in requests, do not go off-topic or add further work, unless willing to pay extra. The order will already be commenced at this stage

(Colour Phase) Once you're happy with the layout, proportions of the sketch - Colour and detail will be added. I will work closely to the constraints of the sketch, no amendments allowed beyond this point.

(Completion phase) Slight tweaks/finish touch-ups allowed. 


(Add-ons) This will be an extra charge. 

Agreement Terms

Artwork created by the artist will remain to the original owner/creator. Therefore any commissioned, completed work for a client, will not gain ownership or copyright. This will remain to the creator - Anthony Annable.

This agreement shall remain in effect unless stated in writing or in a signed contract.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms listed.