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Price -

I have three slots available per week. I will give you quote based on the complexity of the design.


Don't forget to also take a look at my pre-made logos which can be purchased for commercial use.

Request -

I accept Paypal only, this is the best and most efficient/secure method online

Payments in full are required 

Payment/Booking -

Please ensure before any work is carried out, you like the style of artwork I produce. Please also try and be as clear/specific as possible with your requests, ensure you highlight all your ideas before the commission has commenced.


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Work -

I can create for you, fish, or outdoor-related artwork based on an idea you have in mind.

Any references you can supply me is preferred.  Files will be emailed when work is complete

Amendments -

Tweaks/Adjustments accepted before colour is applied. Only use if needed. If there is a major change or alteration, there will be an extra charge for further labour.

(Sketch Phase) Alterations allowed, stay within in requests, do not go off-topic or add further work, unless willing to pay extra. The order will already be commenced at this stage

(Colour Phase) Once you're happy with the layout, proportions of the sketch - Colour and detail will be added. I will work closely to the constraints of the sketch, only amendments to the colour allowed beyond this point.

(Completion phase) Slight tweaks/finish touch-ups allowed. 


(Add-ons) This will be an extra charge. 

Artist experience 

I specialize in fish and wildlife artwork. A great percentage of my work/portfolio focuses on freshwater and saltwater fish species. Not only do I draw fish, but behind the scenes I have delved into many other art styles and subjects, such as landscape paintings and even portraiture. This making me a much more adaptable artist.


I have 19 years of drawing experience, and within that time, 13 years of it consisted of researching and routinely drawing different species of fish.


Digital artist 

Copyright - Ownership

If you require full ownership of the design for commercial usage, copyright is available for purchase (Not included in the base price)


Please take note: When you hire me to create you a custom design, the base fee only covers for time and labor (Work done) Example, the same way a tattooist would charge you. 

Copyright is always retained by the designer/creator by law. If you require reproducing rights, or wish to use the design for any commercial purposes, copyright is required before you do so.


If you would like to own the copyright, please request this when placing an order and I can quote you.

Third party freelance (Caution)

Here at Antartoutdoors we obey all copyright law, in which any work created for you, is safely designed and will be one of a kind and unique to the client. 

Caution as many other sites on the internet are advertising cheap logos for a very low price, you might think you've landed yourself a deal, instead you've potentially been handed over a design, which contains copyrighted material.


Many of the designers work from locations where copyright isn't as strict, or even none existent is some cases. 

Within the last 5 years I decided to transfer all that I learnt from traditional art, over to digital, this allowed me to take my art career to the next stage.


I was also able to enhance my style as to what closely resembles my portfolio currently. I also have five years of experience on Adobe design programs such as, Photoshop and Illustrator, which I routinely use on a daily basis. 



What I can offer


I run an in-house studio and use the best equipment on the market, this includes my Wacom 24 & 32 Cintiq pro, with also my Ipad pro, depending on the work involved.

I work in a team of 2, so when work gets busy. I have an extra person to help with the admin and marketing side. This enables me to then pay more attention to the drawing side of the business.


Past clients

If you are seeking a logo design, for your company website, or start up brand, or even for your apparel clothing, preferably fish or outdoor related, then look no where else.


I'm not just any ordinary logo designer, as I'm also an artist, which enables me to take your creations and ideas to the next level!


Most mainstream logo designers are only educated in a certain field of art, and may struggle to bring your vision to life, especially if there is any technical shading, drawing, or lighting involved. 

If you're searching for a designer that caters towards the outdoor, fish industry, that can interpret what you envision, then I am happy to offer you my service. With my experience and portfolio, you will not find many other designers in this niche that can offer what I do. 

Feel free to contact me via my email, or via my Instagram messenger 

Agreement terms

By hiring me to create you a custom design, you agree and adhere to the information listed above, that you will follow the guidelines and instructions as listed.

For the past 3 years I've worked with many clients on different projects. Some requiring a logo design for brand awareness, or artwork for their apperel t- shirt company, even creating custom designs for boats and more.

I have worked with small start up companies all the way up to larger organization such ORVIS, were I had the pleasure of creating a few designs for their apparel. 

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